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[SUGGESTION] More spray colors!
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I have a suggestion, why don't you introduce more spray colors into the game? It would be a nice feature to paint my gun not only in green or black but some more vivid colors! It would be great!

Take care!


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I Want
Lime, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow, White and Blue!

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Makii added a comment.Apr 1 2014, 4:38 PM

Yea nice idea what about recipes to do tiger stripes n stuff that'd be awesome :)

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Nam added a comment.Apr 1 2014, 5:18 PM

Yes, because thats really what you would need in a zombie apocolypse, an orange/pink tigerstripe weapon....

Please go play CounterStrike Global Offense, and let DayZ be DayZ...

Makii added a comment.Apr 1 2014, 5:38 PM

What you want to wear in dayz and what not decides the player for himself if you want a unique color for your weapon to be recognized fine do so. if you prefer sticking to the oldschool camouflage colors thats ok. This is an alpha and every suggestion might be helpful so please if you dont like the suggestion say so but keep your unnecessary insulting for yourself. thanks

@Nam, you also do not need rotten kiwis in DayZ.
Anyway it's implemented - because it makes sense.

The Sparycans are a valuable addition to make your Character more unique.

for every new "colour" they need to make 1 more item in that colour.
So when red is added, they will need to do more than 5 mosin models. Normal, black, green, camo'ed, red and maybe red+black, red+green, red+green+black...

This would be a good idea, but for now, this would "only" increase the file-size, increase loading-time and increase lag :)

Makii added a comment.Apr 1 2014, 7:08 PM

that might be true :/

Sadly the Items cannot switch - "just the texture"

Due this is an Alpha, may the Developers can give us some hints.

Yet the colour does not need a completely new model, just a texture (in theory).
This would not increase Filesize that much.

At the moment they implement completely new (cloned) Objects with another texture - AFAIK

Maybe it's possible to change the Skin-Rendering (Or build the skinned-objects the Local Machine)

It is technically possible to implement this feature without necessarily blow up Download/HDD-Size

I would rather not see people running around with pink weapons.

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lip3k added a comment.Apr 2 2014, 9:20 AM

I have no clue why are you so negative about the idea. I believe it would be awesome. :P but anyway, just a suggestion..

I guess my "pink" scared them all - I'm sorry for this. It was a joke... just a joke.