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[Critical] Zombies respawning instantly after you kill them
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I was at balota AS, i killed multiple zombies and when i looked back they respawned and was already running towards me. So i ended up just shooting zombies and not having a time to bandage. I will not play the game unitll this is fixed, as i will just keep getting killed by respawning zombies.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Kill a zombie
  2. Look away
  3. Look back

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confirmed that bug.

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Its not a bug, The zombies are designed to spawn within a close proximity now i believe. I am normally able to sneak around air fields killing only a few with my axe and getting no re spawns attacking me so i don't understand your issue. As what you expect in a zombie infested world, be as a ninja and sneak or be sure to have lots of ammo and a good shot. The game is still far to easy. Man up

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This is a known issue. The respawn mechanic is only temporary, and will be replaced with a better one soon.