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[SUGGESTION] Battlefield 4 jumping/climbing
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It would be cool if jumping/climbing would work/look like in Battlefield 4.
Imagine fast jumping over fences, through windows and climbing on some places to escape from zombies.


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Please I don't know if there is a way to change this from "issue" to "request" If it is possible, could a moderator change it?

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this is no fps shooter.

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This is not BF4. Please try and not have them change DayZ to look like a different game, just leave and go play BF4 instead

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I just named it Bf4 jumping to make clear how I imagine that. Don't you guys think that jumping should be changed?

And I don't think jumping is something for an fps shooter. In every adventure game you can jump. I just would like if you could move better.

I think this is a good way to improve gameplay-flow. It's not about changing DayZ into an arcade-style FPS. Let's not get hung up on the definition of what DayZ is and what it isn't. I would really like DayZ to have better gameplay-flow, i think Skyrim/Oblivion are a better comparision. And Nam: everybody is entitled to suggest features here, so please refrain from lines like "just leave and go play another game".