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Zombie Speed
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Since update 0.43.116251 (which increased Zed speed) the zombies are too fast. obviously this is just personal opinion. Before the update they were way too slow (to the point where they were zero threat) Now its like impossible to go in a town without being attacked from every direction by mass hordes. With this being said i think that when the game is further developed, where zombies make a little more noise and can't walk through walls, the speed will be appropriate.


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that is true, but i guess their speed is not rly the problem. the problem is their (current) weak AI behaviour and their super power of noticing every shit thats right in front of them and not further away than 400m.
their new respawn rate is just too damn high as well.

all these factors cause the issue, that zombies became a real thread ever since the last update.

(i still think its way better than before)

They now respawn like in front of my eyes. Like 15 zombies attacked me. Luckly i had ammo and gun. I spend 3/4 of my ammo killing 'em. They are way too fucking fast. If they wouldn't be able to glitch through walls then it will be acceptable. The main thing they should focus on new update is to fix that "zombie through wall" glitch.

The Zombies are at great speed, but with their speed being what it is now! they need to get rid of their jump attack, plus add collision to the zeds. Those two things imo would balance it really well.

The jump attack needs a better hitbox since if you stay still they simply fly right through you. The zombies have a nice speed but to constantly run at said speed is anoying, i say give them stamina, lower speed being something probably a little faster then the old speed.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #010315: zombies run too fast

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