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Zombies are too difficult when you start
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When you first spawn in you have nothing and as soon as you run into a zombie it chases you and doesn't leave you alone. Also then you have nothing to defend yourself as you can contently running away from it.

Is there away to make zombies easy to kill when you first spawn in and progressively get harder and harder as you quire more loot like weapons as I said they are hard to kill when you first spawn in.



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There are ways to survive the early game easily.

Yes zombies are still unbalanced but its alpha and the alpha is playable, so its fine.

Much to difficult ! When you were hitten twice from a zombie you are bleeding, and when you have nothing to stop bleeding, you will die. So for all the beginners it is really annoying and theyget in range ^^

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No problems with zombies as fresh spawn...

Please don't make the game easier, it's not supposed to be easy to survive a zombie apocolypse ( if it was, there wouldnt be any infected people )

@Alentejos: in the case you have a bleeding at the start, you can craft rags from your shirts and use them to cover your wounds up. learn to dodge the zeds' attacks. dont fight them without a good weapon just run away until they get slow.

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But as you think you have lost them and you stop running. Their then back on your tail and killing you!

yep thats true, but you should always keep your eyes open in dayz, shouldn't you?

Hello Vidsify,

The current iteration of zombie AI and melee damage is not the final version and will be reworked/balanced by the dev team as the project comes along.