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Driver crashes/Blue screen
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It started after the update released on 31 December. It happens randomly, but last few times were after a few minutes of playing.
At first game freezes with graphic artefacts, then trying to escape it I see the report about video driver crash. After the game is closed these artefacts still stay at desktop before I restart the hardware.
Last time I told you(moderators) about that issue you came to conclusion that the problem is tied to my "broken" GPU, but it's not true, because few dayz ago I came across the topic where guys face the same problem. One of them has a newly bought GPU. I paid a rather big sum for the game and only thing I want is just improvement of the issue. {F30722} {F30723}


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Game Crash
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Topic in steam:
My system:
Video adapter - nVidia GTX285
Driver Version - 331.82
RAM - 4Gb DDR2
CPU - Intel Q9300

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I don't know what the issue is but try this.

Step 1. Remove all nvidia drivers and software and then install the latest drivers. drivers (you'll get the latest driver from

Step 2. Use FurMark to test for gpu stability (if you crash there is a problem with the gpu). use the "burn-in test". Make sure your card is clean of dust. As I recall the 285 is extremely hot by default, FurMark will really make it burn.

Step 3. Download Heaven Benchmark turn everything as high as it will let you and use full screen mode. Run the benchmark a couple of loops. If you crash then its your card.

Step 4. If you crashed in FurMark or didn't crash in it but you are still unstable in DayZ. Or crashed in Heaven or didn't but you are DayZ unstable then download EVGA PrecisionX and DOWNclock your card.

Remove 20 MHz from the core and 100 MHz from from memory. See if you are stable. If not then remove 20 + 100 again until you are.

Your GPU is probably damaged. Something DayZ is doing is causing your faulty GPU to poop itself.

Franzuu, I tried all steps and the result is: I had no problems during stress tests. I downclocked GPU as you said and faced something another... Game hasn't crashed since downclocking, but during playing white textures occured and clock of my GPU was standing only at 400mhz. To restore normal clock I had to reboot my system.
So what is it, game or hardware issue?
P.S. I uploaded my Afterburner log. It shows the stat. of my card for last few days. I tried downclocking on 30.03.2014, and decreased my GPU to 647mhz and memory to 1152.

The fact that downclocking the GPU fixed the crash hints to me that it is your GPU. The missing textures hints that you downclocked your card too much.

Try this. Downclock your core in 1 MHz and memory in 4MHz steps. Play and see if you crash. Stop downclocking when you stop crashing, hopefully you don't have graphics glitches at that point.

Another thing you can try before downclocking is to increase your voltage in Precision X. Maybe your card is tired and requires more voltage to do the same thing it did before. If that doesn't work set voltage to default and downclock.

Another thing you can try to do to prevent your core from being too low during DayZ is to do this

Franzuu, I tried changing the "Power managment mode" while downclocking the GPU, but there was no result.
P.S. I'll try to overclock my card and write back soon.

Franzuu, I tested my card again and came to a sad conclusion: no matter what overclocking-utility is turned on my card clock freezes at 400mhz. With utility turned off card works as it should. Maybe it's tied to the fact that XFX blocked voltage manipulating on my card.

I'm out of ideas, you can ask for additional help on this forum

I deal with these things casually. They will know better.

I have the same issue. Twice now. I have played twice in a week and both times I got a blue screen crash. I think I can attach my info here. I will do that. I will not be blaming my PC or even checking it. I blame DayZ. I play other games. No blue screen.

Franzuu... it is not his PC.

DO NOT INSTALL 19 nicknack nerd programs!
Do not downclock anything!
Do not overclock anything!

It is DayZ. Not the PC.

Yes, it is because of something DayZ is doing. Just like how when Starcraft 2 beta destroyed peoples graphics cards. It was a game pushing faulty hardware to its limits. The cards had insufficient cooling/were full of dust and thermal protection wasn't being engaged. DayZ is doing something that other games aren't and that thing is causing it to fail.

It is either your card or something in Nvidia drivers. DayZ is just a game, it can't crash a healthy card on a healthy system. It can crash itself but not your graphics card.

If you have an uncommon bug/glitch then these nerd programs are what you are going to have to use to get to the bottom of it. Either that or RMA/buy a new card. Spend time troubleshooting or pay money.

When you crash do you have any errors in event viewer? Post them here. Maybe your CPU is throwing out hardware errors.

Franzuu, where can I find "event viewer"?

for windows 7

click custom view and then administrative events. What kind of errors are you getting?

I had a critical error near the time I was testing the game. The code of the error is 41.

yes sir, it is something DayZ is doing and it is something that the DayZ devs need to mitigate.

I will, however, check the event viewer next time I get the blue screen. Which will likely be next time I play DayZ.

I play many other games. No issues. My GPU has excellent cooling and I monitor it's performance 24/7 on my second monitor. It is not under stress. I have a healthy card on a healthy system. I get blue screen crashes in DayZ and in DayZ ONLY.

I did find the Event Viewer List. I have used it in the past. There was an error that I was monitoring with a program some time ago, using Event Viewer. I did not find a record of an error at the time of today's crash. I can see that it was at 11:18pm, but that is from a report stating the fact after rebooting. Weird, I think. Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot... I do not use Event Viewer often and perhaps I am doing it wrong. ;-)

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Thanks for the report and the files. We will look into the issue as soon as possible. Please keep testing the game and watch this issue.

Thank you!

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We tested the issue and it appears to be the same as: #9842. Please see the issue for more updates on the development. Please be patient, we are currently working on fixing the crashing.