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Impossible unbalanced zombies
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Ever since latest patches of 22/03/2014 and 19/03/2014 zombies are no fun to play with. I have to admit zombies were way to easy to avoid but ever since the latest patches zombies are impossible due to the following facts;

-ALL zombies now have increddible speed
-Zombie respawn timers are sometimes as short as 1 second or something
-despide new speed and respawn zombies are still able to walk trough walls which makes it impossible to avoid them combined with the speed..

i suggest for several zombies to have the new high running speed, and ofcourse timers better balanced. Since it is now impossible to stealthy acces any city or millitary base. (types of zombies should vary in my opinion, fast ones, walking ones, old running speed etc)

Zombies at first made no big threat for players, but the new zombies take the fun away for me and my friends as DayZ players. hope to get a fix soon


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Well, the new speed of the zeds is good, but sometimes when 3 of them jump-attack you trough a wall is really bothering. And when the server is lagging, the zombies will hit me even if they hit air. And in few seconds I tp back to them and die.

well i would disagree with you, the speed of ALL zeds is the speed of a player running with empty hands up.. i still think zeds should have different speeds per zombie type. having such speed with the ability to see/run trough walls is to annoying, dont get me started about the respawn timer again..

appriciate the reply though

I totally agree on this. Not to mention the soldier zeds are harder to kill than others and they aren't wearing armor :P

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