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Unlimited Ammo - Not sure if they're Duplicates
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Went to loot my dead body at Elektro Power station and found the 3 bandits,that killed me, dead by the fire station. Looted them and found this weird M4 ammo. I'm not sure if it's like the cloning ammo bug but these aren't normal numbers like if you were to clone ammo. << did a little research on youtube about unlimited ammo dayz after finding these.



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1 of the guys could possibly have been hacking as one of them killed me about an hr before at the Power station when there didn't seem no possible ways of getting a shot on me from where they were.

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Most likely a memory editor to change the value of the bullets on the magazine. It's one of the simplest cheats that exist, yet it's easily used in DayZ due to all the vulnerabilities in the game.

I just wish the devs could aknowledge this problem so I could move on until the problem was patched (hopefully), but it's terrible to report things on this forums since we never know if your report was actually seen by any dev.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0009968: Unlimited ammo stack

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