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[Suggestion] Clothes should have splitted slots
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Clothes currently have one big field of slots. I think its not really possible to put an ammo box or so in the pocket of a hoody. The slots from this clothes should be more splitted like two 2x1 slots.


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I`ve been thinking of this addition too! Please, add this into the next update!

The correct way would be to substitute pockets for slots, and then give each pocket a volume/weight capacity. Then it should be possible to put any amount of items in there as long as the total weight/volume is not exceeded for that pocket.

You could put a screw driver and some shotgun shells in one of the pockets in your pants, a can of beans in another, or two tuna cans (since they are flat and takes up less volume), lots of bandages in a leg pocket, etc...

You would have to put one big object in a pocket and then fill it up with other smaller items. Harder to keep track of stuff, more realistic.

For pockets without a zipper or button, things could fall out when doing hard maneouvers like hitting the ground, vaulting, etc (small things more likely to fall out - like 50x .22 bullets... so that would create an incentive to keep thinks in their boxes).

When clothes are damaged, some pockets would be more damaged than others. The more damaged, the more likely bgger things will fall out of it (because there are bigger holes in the pocket), even if it has a zipper or buttons.

This idea is really awesome. But i think this will be very hard bring it in the game without heavy bugs.

Hey guys,

I personally like this thought, but this is not a bug. For suggestions, ideas and general discussions, please post in the forums:

Also, before suggesting new features there, please read this:

Thank you.


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I've asked previously and been told that suggestions are OK to be on here.

May i suggest a change to the title of this issue? Something like 'A better way to handle inventory slots' would be be more general and allow for an expanded discussion on this subject.