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Invisible Hitboxes of Objects (cover) larger than their looks
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Consistently when i try to shoot from a position where I am right behind a Structure that would provide cover, I end up shooting the object. The bullets keep getting stuck in an invisible wall just nearby the structure, even though it looks like my rifle would be right beside it.
It seems as if people from the opposing side can safely ignore this invisible wall and shoot right through it. (though that may be bad luck)


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Steps To Reproduce

-Go near the Gastank on the NorthWestAirfield by the central industrial compound as if there was someone shooting at you from the top of the firestation.
-Shoot with an M4 (all Magpul oarts in my case) at the top of the firestation tower from right behind that gastank. You will notice that all bullets were eaten by the gastank, even though the tip of the rifle was way above the gastank.

Thats the last intance i had this, it happened on multiple others too, for instance at land_shed_w02 here in Vybor or Barrack2 at near the door. Imagine you want to use the door as cover from enemies at the north. Its impossible to shoot past the door.

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Will provide a screenshot of invisible walls eating bullets when I am geared back up.

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I tested it more, i think you're right. therefore, not a bug. It still feels bugged somehow. Time will tell, but knowing this solves some mysteries and might save my life.

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Sorry for just copypasta, but it's the same issue man, there are some minor bugs, but mostly positioning of the rifle.

Yea i just did more testing of that and was just about to say that. It appears it originates from the rifle and that it shoots as if you'd be positioned without using ironsights. That costed me alot of lives. The solution would be to never used ironsights then? so you can't be fooled.

I hope you guys fix this sometime.

This isn't a bug, it's a feature of the ARMA engine, bullets originate from the muzzle, and not from the sights. Just make sure you have enough clearing when shooting at someone. (I'd say 15-20 cm extra after the optics have cleared.

The ironsights are precise (at the zeroed distance) and you would encounter the same "bug" irl when aiming around corners, but irl you have the advantage of depth perception, which makes it easier to spot that a barrel isn't clear of the corner.