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[Suggestion] Timer when logging out of a server in certain amount of time.
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When you log into a server, but you can`t find anything, because the place has been completely looted, you would need to wait 10, 30 or 120 seconds until you have successfully logged out of the server.

When you have joined a server and 10 hasn`t passed since you joined, you can log out of the server in 10 seconds. If it has passed more than 10 seconds, you need to wait for 60 to 120 seconds until 10 minutes has passed since you joined. Once 10 minutes has passed, you could log out in 30 seconds. When you click the log out -button, a window will appear with a warning in red saying that you should find a safe place to hide before logging out in-case any harmful players or Zombies find you. You`d have to click "Yes" or "No". If you click "Yes", a timer will appear and depending on how long you had been on the server, you`d have to wait. When you clicked yes, your character would automatically sit, which would be the sign that the player is trying to log-off.


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No way. I don't want some game telling me that I have to wait 10 mins to log out. What if I suddenly realize I need to quit playing right now for whatever reason..... Nope. no good

Think about the combat loggers and dudes who server hop...