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Repeated Loss of Clothing/Backpacks/Chest Pieces
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Signed off in an empty server after playing for a few hours.
Signed in the next day, and found my Courier Bag, Black Cargo Pants, Black Gloves, Black Assault Vest and Black Combat Boots missing. Only retained my Torso and Head gear and my primary/melee weapons.

Figured someone got lucky and nabbed my things in my 30s downtime. Happened again that day went to play with some friends. Same equipment slots empty, Pants, Pack, Chest, Hands and Feet were gone. I signed in today after re-installing and I had retained everything, server restarted so I switched.

Happened again, same equipment slots missing.


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Get gear for my Feet/Legs/Back/Hands/Chest. Log out. Log back in.

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I had a very similar inventory each time, attempting to re-gear. Red Wool Coat, Black Cargo Pants, Black Baseball Cap(CMMG), Black SKS, Courier Bag, Black Fireaxe and a Sawn Off Shotgun in my bag.

I had also died after the first loss of gear, respawned in a new server and it happened again after gearing back up, so it wasn't particular to any one character or server. This all happened on Hardcore as an Asian Male. My position prior to logging out is always retained, only items are lost.

*ALSO* I just noticed when I nabbed this screencap from a recording, that this is a very old version of me. Prior to log out I had similar gear but my axe was black, my compass was in my pants and my shirt was completely full of books and stuff.

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I had a similar thing happen to me while switching backpacks. Could not find the old one on the ground to move items to new one. Could not then exit building I was in, then "lost session" message came up. Lost an FNX .45 all tricked out, several magazines for it, my canteens and, worst of all, my can opener. I was looted by the server!!!

Happened again today with a pair of pants I dropped to move to a protective case, this time I got the "no message for xx seconds" countdown. Pisser too, lost two maps and, this time, a nice 9mm with a mag and a silencer.