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DayZ Object in Hands Ladder Glitch
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So, this is not really a glitch that needs fixing if it wasn't for the fact that you can carry another gun into your hands. Thus, this glitch allows you to run normally as if you had nothing in your hands but while carrying a weapon in your right hand. You can use the objects that are in your hand to attack but some don't actually do damage, but if you have a gun instead it can do damage. Although I am not sure if you can aim down the sights as-well. {F30684}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a second item that is able to be picked up into your hands. (Cannot be a item already in your inventory)
  2. Go up to a ladder and drop the object near the ladder. (You know you dropped it in the correct place if you can see the item in your "Nearby" section of your inventory while on the ladder)
  3. Then while on the ladder, open your inventory and see if you can pickup the object into your hands. If you can, then obviously put the item into your hands.
  4. If done correctly you should see the object in your hands while on the ladder, now proceed to get down and off the ladder.
  5. Viola! You now have done the Object Arm Glitch
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You can do this with any pickup-able item but of course it's more deadlier glitch when used in conjunction with a weapon.

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I got the same result with my fireaxe, but not with taking it to my hands: I was in the tower of the firestation when i recognized the ladder sign and pressed it (my axe was in my hands). I glitched threw the wall to the ladder after my char doing animation of putting axe away. When I was on the ladder, the axe was still in my right hand. Reaching back to the ground, three zombies were waiting for me. But even if i had my axe in the hand i could to hitting animation and sound while fullspeed running. But not doing any damage. First had to put the axe back on my back and take it out again, than i was able to successfully fight the zombies.

Kira added a comment.Mar 27 2014, 3:36 PM


Thank you for the feedback. We managed to reproduce this issue and are currently working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for further updates.

Ok, thanks Kira. :) I will try this out later. :D

Kira added a comment.Apr 17 2014, 10:16 AM


This issue was fixed on our internal servers. Please test it after a new patch and let us know if its fixed for you too.