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I can't see contextual menu actions on walkie talkie and other items.
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I just right click on the item, every menu entry is all black. I can only read the last one ("Inspect").

Another item where i have this problem is the torch. When i drag a battery on it, the first option (the one who allows me to place the battery inside) is black and i can't read the text.

I've seen this on other items too, but can't remember where.


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Walkie talkies don't do anything yet. You can only attach a 9v battery to them but otherwise they don't do anything.

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There's still a problem with the menu anyway

@shogodz89 They ARE working, tested it with a friend.

The Empty-Menu Problem is confirmed.

Personally I don't have this problem, but my friend.

Anyway Walkie-Talkies are actually working (nice krizzle sound btw)!

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Walkie Talkies do work

Are you playing in a language other than English?

Language may be relevant:
My Friend installed the Game in German and switched ingame to english.
I installed the game in english (no language switching)

For me the text is working.
For him not.

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Its a language issue. When game was setup to german many dropdown lists (menu / inventory) are just black.
Setting game to english fixed it. Not tested if there was a fix meanwhile since i setup to english.

I'm playing in English language, though i'm not sure if i installed Italian and then switch to En (i'm not even sure Italian exists - as i can't remember where i can switch language after installation)