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Character can't die
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When I broke legs, i decided to kill character in the water, crawled to the pier and fell into water. Now i see black screen and "you are dead" (I see a black screen, but I can open inventory), but restart button is not active. I tried to change servers, character appears on the bottom of the sea with broken legs, and after a few seconds again, "you are dead", restart button is not active again.


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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on it.

Please keep testing the game and let us know if the issue is still present.

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Hello again! Problem was resolved after starvation character (waited several hours until he dies).
And i want to say thank you to all the team of developers of this project, you did a great job!

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I am sorry but this issue is expired. If you are still encountering these issues, report it in a new ticket.

Thank You.