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Stuck in ''Juggling'' animation.
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Sometimes when you hide a gun, or a held item (like the compass) and switch to another gun/item, others will see you stuck in the animation of changing weapons. It basically looks like the character was rapidly and endlessly juggling items.
It seems to happen most often when you switch the weapons/items while having them lifted up (by default with Space).

It's kind of debilitating cause it looks silly and others can easily spot the rapid movement wherever you'd hide, and you yourself aren't aware that you're ''juggling''.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Take a compass, or a gun into your hand (FNX and the Magnum had been most effective in this).
  • Lift it up into an aiming position.
  • Switch to another weapon, like a riffle.

Only others can see it. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't.

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