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Invisible zombies attacked me
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hello, so heres the story of how invisible zombies attacked and reset my character, on the outskirts of berazeno near to the hospital just south of it in the tree line. A player was running towards me in the trees so i shot at him and and hit him(no indication of a zombie agro).

the player continues to run into the forest area, i move up on the player and receive a shot to the leg(not broken) i then prone(pretending to be dead) as the player runs over i kill him.

i ran over to the players body and start to attempt to loot. But i am unable to as my character kept getting attacked by nothing, it was like zombies were hitting me but werent there, my character kept bleeding from all sorts of places and i even tried to run away and i shot in the direction i was being damaged from with no luck i wasnt experiencing any desync and i had a friend with me and he couldnt see what was attacking me, so i then tried to log out figured it could just be a bug, as i came to log back in again about 30-60 seconds later it said there was an error with my character and that it had been reset......

shortly after my character was reset my friend that was near to my body started to get attacked by nothing as well, lucky im a server admin and i reset the server to save my friends dayz life luckily my friends character didnt get an error report.


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explained above.

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in game name [TWZ]IvanKalashn
Server i was playing on is

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The issue seems to be same as: #0365. Please see the issue for more updates on development.