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SKS ammunition spawns almost never
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I never find SKS-Ammo. Also after a rebooted server, I can't find it anywhere.


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Look for SKS-Ammo.

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Found about 6 boxes with a friend just yesterday

The missing SKS ammo has somewhat become a running joke between my friends and I. Before the 0.42 patch SKS ammo was about as abundant as the sky it is no where to be found. SKS's spawn like crazy though!

I've got more than 60 rounds for the SKS, and didn't find any mosin ammo instead... So I downvoted this issue as it doesn't seem to be one ;)

My last character i had two ammo boxes full of SKS ammo, more than 100 rounds. maybe you're just having bad luck.

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You're kidding right? I found 40 SKS ammo and 2 SKS clips containing 10 rounds each in NWAF.

I keep finding more SKS ammo than Mosin Ammo, which never happened before.