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Morphine and Epinéphrine are too rare in Hospitals and everywhere
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i search morphine in about 10 hospitals and others médical structures,
The result: 0 morphine found, 0 épinéphrine found, i just found 1 or 2 first aid kits and others vitamins,


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search morphine and épinéphrine, good luck !!

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I don't vote it down, but epi is often in jails and morphin in the new blue hospitals. Epi is only useful in muliplayer playment and for morphine you could use rags and sticks.
It would be fine if you could found/break off it from (some) trees

yeah, we need being able to break off sticks from some trees.
but how to find morphine or epi:
arrive at spawn place -> jump on servers.
I don't really know, but I think that items are not respawning, so you can get it only after server restart.
One problem is... that developers can do everything much faster, they just wanna gather more money till alpha :((