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Lots of small annoying things in UI (EASY TO FIX)
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Texts are wrong, misaligned etc. This should be trivial to fix in a couple of minutes:

  • "Confirmation of changes" is wrong. I didn't change anything?!? Pls change.
  • The button says "Restart"?? It doesn't restart anything!
  • The button has more text, but i can't read it because the button is too small.
  • "BlueDark"??? Just change it to "Dark blue"!!
  • etc.

Inconsistent item handling, should be really easy to fix during a coffe break:

  • You can drag-n-drop from inventory to hands, but not from vicinity.
  • You can right-click and select "take into hands" from vicinity, but not from inventory.

Server lists:

  • There is no way to see when i last played on a server. It should be possible to sort history and favorites by "last used, date/time".
  • Server list says one version and when connecting to it, it says another (lower) version number...??? Same on most (all?) servers.
  • When sorting the list during refresh, new servers are being added at the end. They should be added in the selected order.


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Small things like this could be fixed in almost no time, and would make the game much less annoying.

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