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Session lost and penalty
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When the game crashes, you get a penalty when restarting. "Spawning in 300 seconds"


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  1. wait for "session lost" or CTD.
  2. connect to any server.
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Please remove penalty time. It makes no sense in alpha when the game is crashing all the time.

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I absolutely agree with this, there are SOOOOOO many issues right now with the game itself and with server stability. Its not uncommon to have to change servers every half an hour, and waiting 400 plus seconds, which if you check against a clock as it ticks off is WAAAAAY more, usually about double at least, is absolutely ludicrous. I understand the desire to stop server hopping, but when we have to constantly restart the game or reconnect to other servers for for any one of a hundred legitimate reasons, its just WRONG.

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isnt it solved? now is the max 99seconds.. this is ok

but should above all be checkd if the relogin is because of shitty connection or SERVER ADMIN KICK or whatever.,..