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Cannot load 25 9mm rds.
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Error occurs when i spawn into a game and says something along the lines of cannot load 25 rd box of 9mm ammo. And then sometimes it lets me play and other times it kicks me because it can't find that file. I have unistalled the game and then reinstalled the game to see if this still occurs and it does. I have also checked the file integrety via steam and it says nothing is wrong. {F30635}


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logging into game and error message pops up not even when in game yet.

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It does exactly the same to me. Yesterday i've played without problem today i can't log onto any server

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0009973: Cannot Load Material 9mm_25roundbox_damage.rvmat

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.