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"Kicked by Server Admin" gives me time penatly.
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I jump into a server and start playing and soon get kicked by server admin and the Game gives me a penatly as if I was just server hopping. I should not receive penalty because an admin of a server kicks me for being on their server.


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Well, I'd go as far as saying server admins should not be able to kick from server at all. These people abuse having their own server. Only thing they do, is allow a small group of people ( usually clanmates ) on their server, get a fully geared character ( and if they cant do it straight away, they restart their server for new loot ), and then log into other servers, just to PVP with that advantage...

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Server admins are not allowed to kick players for no reason, it goes against the hosting rules outlined in the link below. Report them:

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This has been reported previously at #8298. Remember to search before opening new issues.

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.

As Brokunn correctly points out, server hosts are not allowed to kick players to keep the server to themselves. This thread on the forums contains the information you need to report the server: