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Berry poisoning from either kind of berries
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Collecting berries into your backpack works fine now - hurrah for that.

Yet - although there's 2 different kinds of berries, one can apparently get sick from both kinds randomly.
I've collected both red and blue berries from heir each bush type. And eaten both types at different times.
I got sick from the red ones - as I would have expected.
But then I got sick from blue ones, too!
This makes it hardly any more use as it is now than before - it's still a random chance.
I don't know if this was intended - but regarding realism: I personally would know exactly what type of berries not to pick any more if they'd made me vomit!


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Steps To Reproduce

Find berry bushes.
Collect berries.
Eat them.

Get lucky - or sick. :D

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