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new update killed game
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with infinite respawn zombies swarming from all directions without line of sight and negligible noise, walking straight through walls without batting an eyelid, and making you bleed 90% of the time, this game has become extremely hard. all this wouldn't be impossible however - if it wasn't for all the server and connectivity issues. i dislike working extremely hard and staying away from walls with fear of no clipping assassins, only to have the server lock up every 5 or 10 minutes, freezing my character and allowing the zombies to go to town on me. This is if you even make it into your server - more often than not, you are kicked before even seeing the world, dont get me wrong though, you ARE there, in the world, being helplessly mauled so the next time you log on you can be; bleeding, broken, or most fun of all - already dead.


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own the game. try to play the game.

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literally can't play. worst update i have ever seen in my entire life.

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