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Game unplayable
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1.Login in I experience severe wait time to spawn into map.
2.After login, the game takes extra time to load everything.
3.after a few minutes of gameplay the game lags and puts my character out of synch making it possible for zombies to attack me without my knowledge, once the game synchs me with the client again i'm sometimes hurt so bad i almost die...
4.login out is very difficult due to zombies increased spawn and walking trough walls make it hard to safe log.
5.the lamp use in the night feels equal to me going into a dark room and trying light the room with a laserpointer.

kudos for the new weapons and movement improvement.


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Steps To Reproduce

1,2,3,4 Login to the game close to a small town... or a big one... or where zombies normally spawn.

  1. try to use the lamp mid night... i dare you.
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wall collition should be prioritized so that zombies cant walk in or see you.
Network improvement as it feels almost impossible to play.

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Please refer to the original report of this at #9944