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Unlimited ammo stack
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My friend found an unlimited ammo M4 yesterday from a person which we killed
This M4 contained an ammo stack in a 80 bullet clip which contained like 244e4 bullets when we emptied the gun.
No reload was needed and it acted like it was almost a mini gun.
We took out the ammo and dumped it on the ground and filled the 80 bullet clip with bullets in the assumption it was ok.
After 5 min he again discovered that the same clip was again unlimited.
I guess the gun, clip or bullets are buggy. {F30616}


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Find a person which have a gun like this and start testing.

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Confirm that. Found M4 with infinite ammo clip too.

probably related to #9832 - 99 stack of ammo in striper clip for sks

Found an m4 with the same stuff, took a little footage of it:

Found a 25470 stack of pristine M4 ammo. Split it into 2x 12735 stacks and they work just fine. Why not just check what values are in my save file and remove any save with these stacks of bullets? I would welcome my character getting wiped as soon as it saved hacked items.

I found the stack when i looted a body on regular, 2014-04-02.

I still have the stacks. I'm trying not to die so I can show them to someone who cares. This is a alpha test right? Is there no way I can help? :(

Best regards

I saw a streamer exploiting this glitch today. See attached screenshot.

Keep up the good work guys. Love the progress so far!
Happy looting!

I had been told there is a little program ...

that spawns this stuff of unlimited ammo.
As well as they can see through walls and through mountains.

Theres a Rumor that you can even killshoot through a mountain and warp their own character to any place.

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Look at this central hacker thread please:

Fixed in 124315.

Processing of ammunition count is conducted on server and enforced upon clients if necessary.