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Zombie Hit Radius
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Zombies seam to have stretch Armstrong arms.
I attack a Z with an axe and the hits do not register (I know this bug has been reported)however after the failed hit I retreat about 5m + away. The Z still takes a swing and even though I am out of it's reach I still get the hit damage.


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Every time I tried to kill a Z with an axe.

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Have not tried to reproduce with any other melee weapon.

Zed's seam to inflict a greater deal of damage (I play a hardcore server)so it is a major problem when you are getting hit when your what looks to be out of their reach.

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i wont even use a melee weapon any more cause its really hard to hit the zombie and 100% without fail even if you back up 10ft or 15ft after each hit it says you are bleeding