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Cannot connect to some servers
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After I installed the last patch (0.42.116181) i cannot connect to the servers that have the best ping. When I try to connect, the game doesn't pass of the "Wait for host" screen.


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Sometimes I could connect but the game has an extreme lag and soon I get the following message: "Lost Session".

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Same here, but i think that those servers with good ping have their good ping because they are not working.

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I think not, dfnibbels. I played on those servers that I mentioned before the update and they already had the same ping.

How do you add relationships? Or are they just automatic?

I got the same prob. Since update (0.42.116181) I lose every connection after a little while to server with good pings. Sometimes it even doesnt pass the "wait for host" screen, sometimes the session connection cracks after a randomly period of time.

:'( HEEEELP!!! :'(

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Relationships are added manually. It's a feature available to moderators and developers.