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Character died of nowhere
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I was with my friend at the Northern Airfield when i was looting the police Station and tried to get sardines a screen came You are Dead in the left corner my leg is in pain. My friend found me dead outside of the building.


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I resist to open an own thread for this problem, this seems the same thing i wanted to tell the team.


This behaviour is quite common after the patch. Somehow it seems the server is laggy. You run, you are fine. You go into some building, see food and stuff, but you cannot take it.

#What it may cause to Player:

Suddenly you take damage.
In that case my real heartbeat is rising, because I now know that my character is still standing out side (serverside maybe) and getting attacks from a zombie.

You are bleeding, you cannot do anything about it. If you respawn on another server you are either dead or you are bleeding out before you can use a bandage.

#My questions are:
? How could my clientside game know of zombie-attacks and not know of my actual position? Seems like the server is still sending data to me. But not my position?
? If you say, you calculate my Path on the Client and on the Server and the Server is the Master, is it possible that somehow the server is unable to reconstruct my path?
? Will this be fixed by syncing the position between Server and Client more often? I felt that in those cases I encountered it the Sync and this beaming to my "real position" did happen in like one minute timedistance.
? Is there no or a broken Messagequeue for sending data to the server if this is not reacting?
? Is the clientside function broken, which acknoleges serverproblems?