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Getting really annoyed, can't play!!
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Hi, I'm getting really f*cking annoyed at the moment. I just want to cram in a couple of minutes of DayZ and instead I'm here posting this post.
This is what somehow happened:

My character only moves forward in Prone. Everytime I push C he stands up, I press W and he "falls" down again. So, I though, maybe I'm wounded. So I crawled to the water and tried to drown myself. After about half a minute it said: You're dead. Good. Only thing is: I can't Respawn!
Restart server, I keep having the same problem, on other servers as well. I connect underwater, still in the prone (Z) position, half a minute later I die, and I can't respawn.

Please please please fix this shit as it is really getting on my nerves. Yesterday I died because of a ladder glitch and now I can't play because of this weird shit.



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"My character only moves forward in Prone. Everytime I push C he stands up, I press W and he "falls" down again."

sounds like broken leg...

Quite possible, but that doesn't solve my problem. Every time I connect to a server, I spawn under water, I die, and then I can't Respawn. So... Yeah, that needs some serious fixing, because basically: I can't play the game now...

Duplicate of #8560 (Falling / Broken Bone Status / Respawn Issues).

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I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can tell you than the devs are working on it.