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Not able to interact loot on second story of school.
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Every time in every town in every school, loot that is clearly reachable cannot be interacted with.

I have not one doubt in my mind that it is a bug.

Clearly this is nothing game breaking, but I figured it cannot hurt to make you aware. This may be something that only I experience but my friends cannot access the same loot.

I attached some images clear as day as how I cannot access the loot. Other than this location and occasionally loot that is crammed into corners I have absolutely no problems.

Nothing too great spawns on that side of the building anyway, just a buggy annoyance.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Enter Gray Stone School Building
-Walk up stairs and go left
-Try to pick up any loot on that side

Additional Information

I do realize the game is in alpha and a minor issue like this can wait to be fixed.

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