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Insta Death from 3+ stories up
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This has happened twice so far. I just discovered it today and I've died twice in a row from it.
The first death was atop the Zun castle ruins, I was just up there looting and I died instantly a few seconds after I was on the top floor. The log said PainLegs-something something and then I think it was something about falling damage. The second was in the small town just north of Svet, north east of the northeast airfield. I was on the top floor of the fire station and the same exact thing happened, died instantly LegsPain-and something else I don't remember and falling damage. No bullets, no sounds, I didn't see myself fall through anything, I was just dead... {F30554}


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I guess go to the very top of some buildings that have more than 2 floors and it might happen.

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It didnt happen on top of hospitals, the tech building, or the police station

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hi all,
I write to report this bug too, this happened twice in a day (04/20), in similar conditions, holding a weapon, looting a 2/3 floors house/tower of control. First time I thought about a sniper even if i didnt heard anything, the second time I was in the first building with two floors in balota airstrip near the camp.

First time in the logs apeard: "my leg is pain"----- "my leg is extremly painful" and dead.
Second time it shows just: "my leg is pain".
I attach animage of the second event.

edit: I run it on windows 7, i5 4670, 8gb gskill ares, 1tb wd Blue, R280x DCU2

I wrote less than I can so for any question about this just ask.

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Seems very similar to my issue:
Summary 0010495: Deadly fall through wall of military jail


Hello srgnt.pepper,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #5169.