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Major Desync issue allows for players to be killed in a position that they are not actually in
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This was tested on 0.35.115188 Stable. NJ 0-2 Server. We were playing on a full server with 40 people. There was a shooter on a roof. My friend claims he still saw him on the 3rd floor and not on the roof. He proceeded to punch the shooter on the 3rd floor giving him damage. I observed the roof where I saw, remarkably, the shooter receiving the damage and even bleeding. My friend then sees that he disappeared but still can continue punching and eventually kills the shooter completely remotely. This is the worst case of desync I've ever seen and is potentially game breaking. This video will help explain it a bit better.


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Go on a server with many people on it and go in a city. Have 3 people. One observing, one being a test dumby, and one being the killer. I believe this only happens when the killer is desynced. Once he is desynced he can see old or even just unrelated positions of players. They can be somewhere where they are not actually at. He can then shoot at them or punch them to give them damage, even though the test dumby is still at a position where he is nowhere near the killer.

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Youtube video of the incident:

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