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Missing item utility for distance-check
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This is no real bug,
but to show how to play i write it here for the development.

We are running on a server, search etc...
Then we saw an opponent. We are far away. Now, i take my mosin and then... how many meter is he away that i have a chance to hit? Looks like... 100m?! I set the distance for the amo to 100 and... I shot... nothink, shot, nothink... aww, fuck. Okay, should I take the risk and minimize dayz to look on an onlinemap for the distance and it could be that the game will not come back?! I test it with 200m. (in this time, i shot with 100m, my opp registrate that someone shot on him).
And this is each time! The more the enemy is removed for me it becomes more difficult to estimate the distance.

Here, i miss a binoculars! For example in the long scope. Or a telescope as a add on for the mosin to see how far away.
Any think like on the pic.
Make the crosshairs on the opp and starting by 50m and you can zoom in steps 50, 100, 150, 200... if you see the opp clear you know how far away.
Or any other methode like this!


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Run, see an opp far away, try to hit with long scope / or an other scope like PU... set the distance for the amo and try to hit and all in combat situation.
(here: because the update will not come yet its dobble difficult to hit with the long scope.)

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I guess, many players would like to have a range finder like in the mod. But a such valueable item like this should be rare, in my opinion.

But as far as I know, all the scopes, except for the long range scope, actually have range markers. You just need to learn how to use them and you need to use the zeroing. And especially reading the range markers actually takes some skill, which reading numbers from the screen when scrolling your mouse wheel does not.


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An other possibility is using an app for your smartphone. so you don't have to tab out, you can use your phone or tablet to measure the distance. Or, the "best" solution: print out the onlinemap and use ruler :-)