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Game Doesn't Work At All
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I understand it's pre Alpha, but when I cant even load the game AT ALL, its time to demand a refund.

Its not that its broken, I just cant play at all. Its not glitchy, its not playable.

I am hereby DEMANDING a full refund and my purchase removed before I have to force a refund through my bank.


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There's no point in requesting a refund through here. You will need to try and contact Steam, although their terms do say that you can't be refunded except on preorders that have not yet been released.

If you provide some more information in your report, there might be a fix for your problem. Even if there isn't, it is very likely a developer will see this, and with the relevant info, the issue may be patched in a later update.

What exactly is happening with your game? Do you get any error messages?

Yeah... provide some details at least regarding the issues you're experiencing and it can be trouble shooted.

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Are you getting an error when launching the game? Have you tried reinstalling the game? What are your computer specs? Attach a dxdiag report here.

Just saying "it doesnt work" and demanding ( ! ) a refund will not help you in any way, and possibly one of the 1,5 million people who are running the game may be able to help....

As I stated, the issue is that it won't load at all.
That's the issue. I don't know how much more clear it can be than that. Game's main menu comes up, and when I try to start, game just exits back to Steam/Desktop with no error message.

As for refunding, the whole thing about the not being able to get one on a game in the state this one is applies to a glitchy, bug filled game. NOT to something that truly won't play at all, which is the case.

As for contacting Steam, they've said the refund can be issued but it has to be issued by the company who made the game.

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If Steam support has told you to contact Bohemia for a refund, you will need to contact them directly, not through the feedback tracker which is for bug reports.

"Game won't load at all" is very, very vague, especially as you are now saying that the game actually does load to the main menu before crashing.

Please see if this happens on the experimental build. To get the experimental build, right click on DayZ in your Steam library, select Properties, click on the Betas tab, and chose 'experimental - Preview testing version' from the drop down menu.

If the issue persists you need to upload a dxdiag report and the files from

Pack those files into a .rar file. If RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here, otherwise please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


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Look man, we're ( I am as well ) trying to help you here, and see if we can find a way to get you into the game.

What are your computer specs?
Are your drivers up to date?
Have you tried reinstalling the game/Steam?
Like R834 ( moderator ) asks for, which I have suggested as well, is upload a dxdiag report.

There's a lot of people here to help you, if you actually want help.. If you just want your money back, then goodluck with that...

R834's suggestion worked perfectly!
Thanks for putting up with my raging guys lol
I was so disappointed at first I freaked out :P

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You can change the status of this bug to "closed" yourself then. This way, devs wont get this as a follow up in their queue ( to-do list )