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If you log off with an item in your hands and it has nowhere to go, it drops to the ground and also stays on you, duplicating.
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If you have something in your hands (let's say an M4) and you also have a weapon (SKS) on your back, the M4 has nowhere to go and so it drops to the ground. Someone can then pick up the M4. If you log back on, the M4 and the SKS are both on you, but the person that picked it up once you logged off also has the M4. The M4 is completely duplicated.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have 2 people.
Have 2 primary weapons.
Have both weapons on one person. (hands and back)
Make the person with the weapons log off. (this drops the item in hands)
Person without weapons picks up dropped firearm.
Person with weapons comes back into the game.
Shoot with newly acquired weapon.

Additional Information

This can also be done with any item, as long as you don't have any inventory for the item to go into once you log off. (theory)

Video of bug.

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Fixed in Experimental.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0008153: Weapons are duplicated when logging out

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