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Dying Randomly
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I keep dying for LITERALLY no reason at all. I will either be in a city, out on the country roads, or at a military base, and the 'You are Dead' message appears.

My character does not appear on the main menu after I exit the lobby (after dying MULTIPLE times), but about 2 servers after it does.


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-Seems to happen ONLY indoors or on cement roads.
-My friend checked and my body was not there after taking a break (while still in pause menu after dying).
-This needs a hot-fix VERY soon.

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Can you cause it to happen or is it just random?

Like if you hang out indoors for 5 minutes is it guaranteed to happen?

Can you post a video of it by chance?

I can try to post a video, and it happens when I least expect it.

It happens VERY randomly.

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I believe I have had this same bug occur 5 times or so. I was indoors most times. I know there is a bug where gunshot sounds do not play, but that would not account for some of the deaths. I feel it has happened in areas where I could absolutely not be shot from any possible vantage point or window, and with backup that was between me and the door. After my death, teammates faced no threats for many minutes after and heard no gunshots.

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This also just happened to me. I was in an enclosed building transferring items from one bag to another, completely healthy and I got the "You Are Dead" message.

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This happened to my mate tonight!!
We were in the building at the NW Military Base. He was upstairs in the room looting it. Grabbed a Green Backpack, then "You are Dead" Appeared on his screen.
His body was outside on the ground, torso on half in the wall!