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There is extreme banditry because the game lacks a purpose.
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So why do people simply KOS? Even if they have a lot of stuff and their victim has none? because the game lacks purpose. When the goal of survival, find food, water, weapons, gear is fulfilled, there nothing to do so people walk around and shoot random people because there is nothing else to do? What this game needs are some optional goals that people will have to unite to achieve together. I know people are against human AI, but if there was a military survival base in the middle of the map with 7-10 soldiers, with lots of loot, players will work together to take down the military for that loot. I don't think they would like to share which could spark another conflict. I think this will decrease banditry since uniting and taking down a armed military base will become more rewarding and add fun to the game.


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Just a lot of gameplay

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The game itself is wonderful, it proves that people in general are "miserable".
Great game!