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Please revert/disable simple respawn mechanic implemented for zombies until more robust method.
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Zombies: Simple respawn mechanic implemented for zombies, pending more robust method

Please, revert/disable this temporary feature when going to stable.

This adds a lot of confusion. It's not about just shooting or killing more and more zombies. It's about knowing where everybody is and survive. When I kill a zombie, he suddenly appears near a place where I know it was clear. This is not fun anymore. Please vote if you agree with me.

I prefer waiting more robust method than playing like this.


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Find a place with zombies.

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I agree. For me, zombies and items never should be respawned.

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in soviet russia zombie apocalypse no place is safe so BE A MAN AND DEAL WITH IT

zombies shouldnt respawn infront of you, i feel like i'm being bind rushed. even killing them with a silent weapon like an axe, you get an endless stream of them. combine that with the fact one hit makes you bleed and you can't stop long enough to bandage (And you can't stop bandaging),as soon as you agro a zombie, you are as good as dead. unless you choose to run, in which case you can spend your entire game wandering in a forest. fun.

IcePick added a subscriber: IcePick.May 8 2016, 5:31 PM

I agree! Take the SW Airfield for instance...

I have only just come across it for the first time last night (I am still hanging around), with the combination of Zombies seeing you from 100+M away, hearing you,, smelling you,, basically just knowing you're there whether you are sneaking or not.. that along with their super reach for inflicting massive damage when you are 10M+ away from them, and the axe not always registering hits (I'm getting there)
All of the above requires blasting my way out of trouble. That's cool,, when there are too many Zombies, an axe doesn't cut it...
Problem is when I shoot the million Zombies that are attracted to the gunfire only to see more Zombies start spawning from behind me where I just cleared.

So far still have not been able to fully explore the airfield due to unlimited Zombies and are running low on ammo. Its a bit of a bugger.

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Closing as duplicate of #0009559: Zombies respawn too fast and too close