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game doesn't start and crashes to desktop
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the game crashes to desktop or to blackscreen for some sec and then to desktop, after the logos appear or when the statement "early access game" with the "I understand" button appears. there is still game sound in the background.
I tried several things:
-update graphics driver
-validate game files in Steam with no error recognized => same crash
-reinstallation after new download => same crash
-tried both Development branch disabled (version 0.35.115188) and enabled (version => same crash
-execute the game and Steam as admin => same crash
-disable Shader Generation => same crash


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start game and wait for logos or the statement page with the early access game explanation.
game always crashes to desktop or to blackscreen first (for 2-3 seconds) and then to desktop.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for further updates.

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Thank you for the information.
I've read about a kind of similar problem in issue 0004845 and thus tried to run the game (experimental 42.116002) with the built-in intel graphics and not the amd radeon hd 6550m.

> I was able to launch the game and enter a server, but it was unplayable. The graphics were horrible, it was shaking and juddering and I wasn't able to change to 3rd person view.

one more thing you can try is to reinstall the steam client and the DayZ game, then block firewall and turn off the antivirus program.