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Good concept, poor execution, theres a lot that needs to change to make this game good
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I understand that this is an Alpha, but core gameplay elements are implemented for all intensives purposes. In short, this game sucks. I love the graphics for an MMO, but not much else. Lets start with the major downfalls, there is no sense of purpose in this game. Granted, its a tough environment to implement leveling, and character development but there should be something to shoot for. The other major issue is the control. The momentum based movement is overdone and unresponsive. I shouldn't have a hard time navigating inside of a house or building. Its even hard to determine if its lag or just shitty controls. Issue number 3 would be the lack of interactivity. For a game with not much of anything to do, the world should be way more interactive than it is. Everything in the game should be destructible. Zombies should be able to stack on doors, and eventually break through them with brute force. Trees should be able to be chopped down. Cabinets should be able to be opened. Those are just a few of the many simple examples of the lack of interactivity in the world. Issue number 4 would be the crafting system, there isn't one. I believe its in the definition of an MMO that crafting is an essential element. There is no farming for supplies in this game, nothing to build or make. I would think that again for a game where isn't really anything to do or over arching goal that a deep crafting system would be a great counter to the previously mentioned major problems. The problem being there isn't even that. In a survival environment, being able to farm supplies and make your own stuff would be a very realistic thing that would separate the survivors from the dead people. DayZ should look at Rust as a point of reference at least. There are other issues, but these are the big ones: Controls, lack of purpose, lack of leveling system, lack of crafting system, and lack of interactivity.

The other issue I have is if there really isn't going to be an over arching goal or character development system in place, there needs to be more worlds than just the one that is laid out for you. The maps needs to be bigger and allow more people in at once. 40 for a max size server is a joke. I realize that because DayZ is in the Alpha phase, this will be something that will almost surely be improved. I would really like to see a large city environment. Another thing that we should see is a lot more zombies, I know this has been mentioned before. Not only should there be more zombies, but there should be herds. Zombies should attack in packs. When you die, you shouldn't necessarily lose everything. You should be able to have a base where you can dump some supplies and when you die, you only lose what you have on you. I do like the random spawning points though as a penalty. Implementing all these changes is a tall order, but if you want to make a truly great zombie apocalypse mmo, they all need to be in there. Start with smoother controls, and creating a greater sense of purpose.


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Quite a few of the features you mentioned (i.e. crafting, basing, bigger map, etc.) have been mentioned as a goal in the devs' development blogs. They are goals that Bohemia is planning on implementing, it'll just take time. For now, they're just working on getting the world built. In retrospect, Chernarus is a pretty big place already.

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Please post one issue per report - take a look around at the other issues for an idea of what a bug report / suggestion post should look like.

For more general discussions, I would suggest the forums:

Also, definitely have a read through the DayZ blog for an idea of what new features and changes are coming up: