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Crash-Zone => Re-Spawn line
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Hey Support,
we have observed that if the game crashs / you get kicked / Server restarts and your char is in the black-border green-zone near Balota, you spawn / reconnect on the blue line ON the runway of the airfield.

So if the game crashs and there is on guy in the tower or hanger he can kills you because you stand on the blue line {F30534} {F30535}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • Game crashed / Server restarts
  • Reconnect

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error starts

next example:
starting error 26:52min
spawn on blue line 27:53min (was hit by gun)


it´s possible that this happens because of the delay between server crash and the client kicking the player. If the server crashes when you are standing on the blue line but you manage to run to the green region before the client kicks you out, then after reconnect you will appear in the last location as viewed by the server (blue line).

Is it possible that this is the issue you are having?

The other way ;)
We came from outside the airfield and run on the fence right of us (see. crashpoint.jpg).
The game crashs in the red big cycle point (i wrote it also inside the pic) and after a reconnect we spawn on the blue line of the airfield (small red cycle)
in the pic. The Dude how runs the same way as i do and the game crashs at that point too. The reconnect and you see him on the pic offset slightly back to the right on the runway in the small red cycle we never were.

The same in the video. He was behind the hanger, server connection lost and spawn on the airfield.


Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue on the latest Development build.

If so, please send us a dxdiag report and files from this folder: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\"

If the *.rar is smaller than 5.000KB, you can attach it here.
In case it's larger than that, please try uploading it to a file sharing website and link it here.

Thank you.


i posted them on an other issue:

But if you need my datas when this happens again, you have to wait ;). I don't know which part change doing the gameplay.

And the Datas from the other dude with my i can't send. Same from the dude how makes the video.

But all three of us is the same happened to have putted on the line


please upload the files after this happens to you again. Your files will be sufficient.


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Since it has been more than a month and you still did not provide us with the files, I am closing this issue.

Next time, please attach the files required :)

Thank You