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Items spawns a bit predictable, items on top of closets/racks
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-After a while of gameplay, you start to figure out which house/building/structure to go to or not go to because you know which ones have loot and which ones doesn't. It's not truly random across houses (even if you were to travel to a different city).

-Loot on top of racks or closets aren't touchable. You can't grab them, you can't look up their info, and it won't show up in the inventory (when you press tab).


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-All houses with brown interiors don't have loot, yellow houses don't have loot, houses with 2 stories most often don't have loot, and the houses with yellow interiors with 3 doors inside don't have loot, etc. Essentially, this will leave new players disadvantaged because experienced players will waste less time knowing where the loots are, and will acquire more loot. Randomize it better please.

-Walk up to the rack, face directly at the object. Try to press F or tab. You cannot grab the object and it won't show up in the tab menu. Although it's in reach.

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I can confirm this and I've noticed often if its a shirt, shoes, pants etc. item with it's own slot, you often must first remove your corresponding item to get the option of picking it up.