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Press F1(bugs) => naked char!?!
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hey Support,
there is a bug with the F1-Key-Function.
I was in Berezino and would like so say to two guys hello, press F1 and my Char becomes Micheal Jakson. He makes moves, lie, stand, wave... I can't stop that behavior. He stoped after one full min from alone.
I thought: Okay, one time bug.

Yesterday i logged in on a server and would like to say hello again, press F1 and my char los ALL items on my pc. The other people say, that all is fine and i have all items on my. Reconnect and the bug is gone. {F30513}


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Stand and press F1

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Had similar issue, not sure if connected to "F1", I don't think I pressed that. Was standing, and saw my char naked. Checked inventory, and it was empty as original reporters screenshot.