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Zombies (no Clipping) wallhack (any object, item, Structures/Buildings
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Zombies have the ability to Noclip walls,Floor. You name it, they can do it.

when you attract them by sound or vision They will follow you and they will walk and run through floor, Walls, Fences, Wells, Buildings or any terrain or building/materials/items

(they cant climb stairs, however) wich makes houses too safe and boring.

If you can have a player being blocked from moving through buildings, walls and floor. (it can happen but rarely) then why is it so hard to implement it on zombies ?


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Any time you attract a zombie and decide to walk or run inside a building or jump over a fence or anything that is above ground (any lenght above ground) They will noclip that floor, that wall, that well, that door or whatever is in their way. isnt in their way

(this is reproducable to 99% i think ive seen at least 1 zombie who didnt no-clip but im not 100% sure

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Zombie npc - Glitch (wallhack)/noclip) (very reproducable) Happens so often,you get seriously tired about it.

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Zombies clipping through objects is a known issue.

Please refer to the primary report at #77