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[HIGH PRIORITY!!] look through any walls,buildings, hills and any structures. any mode any server!!
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[HIGH PRIORITY] look through any walls,buildings, hills and any structures. any mode any server

On "Steps to reproduce" I have told you how to do this so you can see for your self. believe me this 100% works every time.

On any server and any mode you can look through walls,buildings, hills and any structures. this needs to be fixed as it changes how people play the game and its just cheating. it makes hardcore pointless as on hardcore you cant go in 3rd person and look out of a window you have to expose your self to look out as it should be and its why so many love hardcore but now once people realize this glitch they wont bother as why expose them self to get shot if they can glitch and looks through walls. Also because its so easy to see people with no risk at all people wont loot they will camp in a building until they see someone kill them and then take there look.

even on regular it effects even when you can go in 3rd person you are still limited to only see out the window door etc but now there not with this this they can see half of big city's.

this glitch cant stay am a long time fan little bugs i can handle but this is all full and may make me stop playing dayz as its such easy glitch to do and it kills dayz! {F30501} {F30502}


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Steps To Reproduce

To see through buildings

  1. look up straight up far as you can with an gun other objects may work. walk backwards into any walls then hold "ALT" and look around . then you can see through the building.

other way to see through walls is to hold "Q" or "E" when u are close to the wall or structure then use "ALT" to look about through the wall or structure.

To see through hills you do something with laying down. I don't know how to do this every time but there is a way of doing this perfect quickly every time.

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Even though alot pf people already know and reported this, I think you should make this report "private" m8, so it doesnt get exploited by newer players, who are browsing these feedback forums, just to hear about exploits they can abuse!

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0004002: Legal wallhack [3rd person + lean Q/E]

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, and add any extra information in the notes section.