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5.1 surround sound doesn't seem to be working
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i have problems getting true surround sound to work in dayz standalone. i can only hear the front left/right speakers, while the center, subwoofer, and rear left/right speakers don't seem to be playing any audio ingame (even at max volume)

i have an x-fi xtreme audio pci soundcard and a 5.1 surround sound system. surround sound works fine in games like battlefield4 and planetside2 so i don't think it is an issue with my setup


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try slowly turning your character 360 degrees ingame while listening for constantly playing sound sources. it should make the respective sound source "wander" around you as it would play in every speaker at least once. but for me, the sound source only ends up playing in the left/right speakers in dayz standalone

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surround sound works fine in windows (movies, music, etc) as well as in other games (battlefield4, planetside2)

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Well, I am using a 7.1 headset (SteelSeries) which provides me the same surround sound experience as in the mod. I can hear shots and bullets hitting the ground left behind me, right in front of me, anywhere.

Nevertheless, I could only suggest what it might be. As for the typical things like loose cables or suboptimal sound settings, I assume you already checked these.

I personally also have some tricky thing on my PC. There is some "Dolby Home Theater" in my task bar and whenever I start TeamSpeak, this automatically disables and I have to manually enable it again to have proper sound.


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I have the same issue on windows 10.

I even tried using the fix below for S's and G's but it did not work:

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Same here X-fi Titanium and G906 surround 5.1 but no surround in game as in old iteration of the ARMA engine.

We need a proper 5.1/7.1 support !