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Invisible Inventory Item (Potential hint to Issue)
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I was playing around, remembering some issues people had with invisible inventory items, and I decided to test some of the issues myself. I found that if I drink a soda and move another item of the same type to it's previous slot, the slot that soda 1 was filling up is 'pseudo-full' being that it appears empty, however attempts to place an item inside the slot are futile. I will explain the process better in steps to reproduce.

I ask that you 'thumbs up' this issue, especially if you can reproduce it, so that the devs can see and will have a basis to begin narrowing down the source of recent 'invisible item' issues.

Thanks for reading!


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Steps To Reproduce

Acquire two sodas of like type (I used Rasputin Kvass)

Place each soda in a separate slot in the same inventory item (Two back pack slots)

Drink soda 'New'. (The newly acquired soda.)

Move soda 'Old' (The original can in your inventory.) to the prior location of soda 'New'

Attempt to place an item in soda 'Old's prior location and observe as you are unable to do so although the slot is empty

Additional Information

I hope this helps you guys to narrow down the 'invsible item glitch'

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0008300: Inventory retains invisible 0% food items making slot unusable

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, and add any extra information in the notes section.


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Reopened as issue is similar but different to #8300

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Thank you for re-reading the issue. I feel that this specificity will help the devs to steadily narrow the cause of the issue.

Further testing:
Tested bug following steps with can of tuna(pristine) and can of beans (damaged)

Bug did not present itself with mismatched foods

Further testing:
Tested bug following stemps with can of spite(damaged) and can of rasputin kvass(pristine)

Bug did not present itself with mismatched soda

matched soda (type)
matched soda (damage state)
matched food (type)
matched food (damage state)

as soon as I acquire the good in game to do these tests I will report the results

I seem to be having this issue but I did not realize it was happening because of food and drinks. I just find that some inventory slots become unusable even though there is nothing there. What I do is remove the article of clothing onto the ground and pick it back up (of course as long as it doesn't disappear through the floor haha!). Then the inventory slot is usable again. I was going to open a new issue for this but I think it might be related to this bug report.

Also happens sometimes when you drink a soda off the ground.

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I thought damaged clothing and packs were making some slots unavailable. It was similar to life in that way but now I learn it may be an glitch and I'm all mad about it. Lol. Is this really a food glitch or is it a damaged article of clothing acting normal. If you can reproduce the issue, then my theory is out the window.