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New Police Station rooftop edging launches character forward.
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The new Police Station with the circular staircase, the semi-rounded trim along the edge of the roof (also on the front outside stairs) will launch the character forward when walked on, in the standing and crouching stances. Usually results in falling off of the building, landing at least 5m away from the bottom of the building and resulting in character death. Have reproduced it 3 times on the roof and once on the outside front stairs.


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Walk on to the edge trim of the roof.

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Also falls from that height should not be fatal, but really really mess up a character.

This happened to my friend last night while in Zelenogorsk. He died from the fall.

happened to me to. I was walking on the top and heard a player below so I walked close to the edge but still had more then enough room for me not to fall and sure enough I was catapulted off.

A friend told me this, after reporting this bug to him.

"That's sort of what happened to me, but mine was coz I pulled a weapon out while walking / running. We noticed the other day, if you are wlaking / running and click a short cut 1,2,3, etc to pull a weapon your carachter will keep walking until the weapon is out."

Tao added a comment.Mar 27 2014, 5:17 PM

^^ Yeah the walking forward while drawing a weapon is a bug in itself. Happens alot when pulling out an axe when a zombie is coming and you end up leroying into them unarmed.

In this case however we weren't pulling weapons out (at least I wasn't). We got close to the edge and then just got pulled off.